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November 30, 2007



Hi Florian,
I'd love to attend the meeting if I were in Beijing.

I was very excited when I searched and found your blog Web Analytics in China several days ago. Thanks for sharing your insight and thoughts on Web marketing and analytics in China.

I'm now a web data analyst at a financial service company in US. Though still new to Web Analytics, I realized how great its potential is either in US or in China.

Looking forward to reading your new posts in this area about China market.



Florian Pihs

@Steve, great hearing from you. I recently got a couple of notes from Chinese web analysts based in US. What I can tell you guys is this: Something real is happening online in China now. Web Analytics is at the foundation of this Ad driven change (ok, I was tempted to say revolution) and Web Analytics skills are scarce. If that is not a custom made opportunity for you. I don't know what is.

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